Long Island Search and Rescue, is a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving fire, rescue, emergency management, and law enforcement agencies in New York, the surrounding states and throughout the United States by special arrangement with the requesting agency. As a public service, we provide certified Search and Rescue teams and  highly trained and experienced search dog and handler teams to search, locate and assist with the rescue or recovery of lost, missing or incapacitated persons upon the request of any accredited agency. Our primary service areas are Suffolk and Nassau counties as well as New York State, although we may respond elsewhere if needed and requested.


New York Federation of Search and Rescue Teams
Fall COMFED 2014.

September 25th through September 28th 2014,
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    Important Notification

A group calling themselves Long Island Emergency Rescue which is headed by Raymond MacQuill 
is in no way nor ever will be a part of this organization. While there can be some confusion because the names of both organizations are similar, they are in fact a completely separate organization from us.



 Call-out Contact Info 


Availability 24 hrs/7 days a week

Team Leader _ Chris Padden (631)398-5343 
                      email: lik9sar@yahoo.com

Team Manager_ Heidi Hajek (631)478-2224
                        email: lik9sar@gmail.com


                   Current Amber Alerts

  We do not search for missing pets

Long Island Search and Rescue does not have any resources available for looking for pets;However we have put together some information to help you and your family if your pet does go missing. If your family pet is missing please click here. 


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